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Together we can connect more people, to more opportunities


Supporting people

• Help your beneficiaries to access opportunities
• Promote your events and services to those in need

Training Providers

Upskilling people

• Connect your graduates to global job opportunities
• Promote your programmes to learners and employers

Service Providers

Enabling people

• Access people who will benefit from your services
• Promote your services to potential clients

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How we can help you

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How we can help you

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How we can help you

Our Partners

Access Live DEI Opportunities

Help your community and beneficiaries to access a an exclusive list of employers who are looking to engage with your community through training, mentoring and employment opportunities.
Advertise Your Services

Niya will actively promote your services and community to our extended network and employers.
Network Events

Attend and host exclusive networking events, roundtables and emergency response discussion marketed to Niya’s community.

Training Partners

Training Sponsorship

Connect with Niya’s employers and run bespoke training programmes through the train-to-hire scheme.
Access Trainees

Tap into Niya’s and our extended partner’s network to connect with ambitious learners from underrepresented communities.
Access Job for Your Students and Alumni

Boost your brand through co-marketing initiatives, social media campaigns and training events marketed to Niya’s community, clients and partner network.

Commercial Partners

B2B Sales

Tap into Niya’s network of 120+ corporate,SME and startup partners, promoting your services directly via our directory and newsletter.
Advertise to Our Community

Provide your services to Niya’s community of talent and training partners, and their extended communities.
Direct Referrals

Have Niya’s Account Managers directly recommend your products and services to clients who match your target audience.


Does signing up guarantee me a job offer?
While Niya's Social Mobility platform provides you with the best place to connect with organisations looking to hire diverse, underrepresented tech talent, we can't guarantee employment. We can guarantee access to best-in-class learning & developemnt resources, events & workshops, and a community of likeminded individuals from within Niya's community.
Why should I create a profile?
Niya's talent platform provides you with a live, up-to-date profile advertised directly to employers actively looking to hire diverse and underrepresented digital talent. You will become a member of our growing collective from underrepresented communities around the world while also gaining access to a job board, exciting workshops, on-going business training and employer networking events. ALL FREE OF CHARGE!
How do I engage with employers?
You're skillset will be matched to employers who are looking for your profile. You can apply for the open roles posted by employers through Niya's Job Board, and the employers will contact you via Niya's Talent Platform afterwards. No more applying to opportunities and not hearing back from the hiring manager!
What is Niya's partnerships model?
Niya’s Social Mobility Partnership Network comprises 3 different partner types - Community Partners, Training Partners and HR Partners. Find out all about our different partnerships at
How can an organisation partner with Niya?
Niya is always looking to partner with organisations who are dedicated to advancing social mobility. If you fall under any of our 3 partner categories you can sign up here (link the word here) to join the network. Any questions? Get in touch via the contact form here (link contact us page).
Will partners have their own profile on Niya's platform?
Currently we only support employer and candidate profiles. However, Niya’s Training Partners and HR Partners are featured on the member platform and Community Partners are listed as referrers at the point of candidate sign up. We are exploring the ability for all 3 partner types to have their own profiles and administration rights in the near future!
How does the matching of clients and candidates happen on the platform?
There are 3 ways that companies can be matched to candidates via Niya’s platform:
- Receive inbound applications through Niya’s job board
- Filter, screen and share outbound requests to candidates via Niya’s centralised talent marketplace
- See the candidate recommendations via your profile, featuring those who match your specific job criteria
What are the benefits of becoming a Niya member?
Niya enables you to make inclusion simple, to future proof your workforce and to become a social impact leader. By engaging with our global community of underrepresented people, you’ll be contributing directly to global charities and you’ll be tackling social mobility.
How does Niya differ from other Local Hiring Communities?
Niya simplifies inclusion by enabling you to collaborate with NGOs, community hiring partners, training providers, HR services and other DEI leaders through a single centralised network. We’re bringing all your stakeholders together, rather than throwing another into the mix.
How much does it cost to hire through Niya?
All companies can hire an unlimited number of candidates through Niya’s community as part of our core annual membership.
Check out our pricing page to learn more about the different membership options and our different add-ons!
Do I have to have a core membership to access the add-ons?
Yes! In order to make the most out of Niya's network and to give back the most to our community we require all members to have a core membership.
Can I pay in installments?
Yes. We offer all organisations the option to pay in a single upfront payment or across 6 monthly instalments.