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Looking to engage, hire or train talent from Niya's community?

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We remove barriers to access so that every person, regardless of background, has an equal chance of success
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Here are some user success stories

Niya's platform helped me to develop my problem-solving, presentation, and team-working skills before securing a tech job. I have had the chance to grow in confidence and am now working as a full-time DevOps Associate at Prospect Sporting Insight! I can’t thank Niya enough!
Sara Abdrabu
Niya User
I signed up to Niya's platform because I wanted to upskill in tech. I was matched to the Ukraine Tech Scholarship Programme sponsored by the company Endava and since finishing the course I have got a job!
Niya User
Before discovering Niya, I used to submit 50 job applications a day through various websites. However, Niya matched me to a tech training program and 1 month in, I landed a job. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity!
Niya User
I wanted to do a career shift into Data Science and Machine Learning so Niya matched me to free Datacamp training. This helped me build a strong foundation in the data field, to meet others in data and to secure a job in the field. I'm very blessed to have found Niya.
Rafka Abou Salem
Niya User

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For more info please visit our Help Centre
Niya Help Centre
Does signing up guarantee me a job offer?
While Niya's Career Management Platform connects you to the best job opportunities, we can't guarantee employment. We can guarantee access to best-in-class learning & development resources, events & workshops, and a network of like-minded people.
Why should I create a profile?
Niya's platform provides you with a live, up-to-date profile advertised directly to employers actively looking to hire you. You will become a member of a growing community of users while also gaining access to job, training and networking opportunities. All free of charge!
How do I engage with employers?
You will be matched to employers based on the information within your Niya profile. You can also apply directly for open roles posted on Niya's platform and employers will contact you.
What is Niya's partnerships model?
Niya’s Social Mobility Partnership Network comprises 3 different partner types - Community Partners, Training Partners and HR Partners. Find out all about our different partnerships at
How can an organisation partner with Niya?
Niya is always looking to partner with organisations who are dedicated to advancing social mobility. If you fall under any of our 3 partner categories you can sign up here (link the word here) to join the network. Any questions? Get in touch via the contact form here (link contact us page).
Will partners have their own profile on Niya's platform?
Currently we only support employer and candidate profiles. However, Niya’s Training Partners and HR Partners are featured on the member platform and Community Partners are listed as referrers at the point of candidate sign up. We are exploring the ability for all 3 partner types to have their own profiles and administration rights in the near future!
How does the matching of clients and candidates happen on the platform?
There are 3 ways that companies can be matched to candidates via Niya’s platform:
- Receive inbound applications through Niya’s job board
- Filter, screen and share outbound requests to candidates via Niya’s centralised talent marketplace
- See the candidate recommendations via your profile, featuring those who match your specific job criteria
What are the benefits of becoming a Niya member?
Niya enables you to make inclusion simple, to future proof your workforce and to become a social impact leader. By engaging with our global community of underrepresented people, you’ll be contributing directly to global charities and you’ll be tackling social mobility.
How does Niya differ from other Local Hiring Communities?
Niya simplifies inclusion by enabling you to collaborate with NGOs, community hiring partners, training providers, HR services and other DEI leaders through a single centralised network. We’re bringing all your stakeholders together, rather than throwing another into the mix.