November 22, 2022

Future for Ukraine Scholarship Programme

More than 5 million Ukrainians have left for neighbouring countries, living as refugees outside, and more than 7 million have been displaced within Ukraine. The Russia-Ukraine War has impacted the Ukrainian refugees' lives, from health to education to work. To sustain themselves, they are taking on jobs below their qualification level.

To avoid "de-skilling" and "brain waste", Niya and Endava have partnered together for the Future for Ukraine Scholarship Programme, which is an opportunity to support affected individuals by sponsoring world-class digital skills training and helping to facilitate upskilling and career progression.

The Future for Ukraine Scholarship Programme is a 3-month online programme that covers the following learning paths: Web Development, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and Data Analysis & Visualization. The learning tracks include courses that are easy to understand, practical, and taught by professional trainers. Our participants who graduate from this program will receive an official Certificate from Niya & Endava that they have successfully completed the Scholarship Programme.

Together, we can create a positive #FutureForUkraine.

Endava is reimagining the relationship between people and technology.

Endava is a company that provides technology and digital advice throughout the investment life cycle. Their core purpose is to create an environment and a culture that breeds success by caring for their customers as individuals and enabling their people to be the best that they can be. As Endava is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, It also supports Niya's mission.

Niya believes that talent is everywhere, but opportunity isn't.

Its inclusion platform is closing the digital and diversity divide by placing untapped world-class talent into digital roles at global organizations. Niya is on a mission to create a more inclusive tech industry for the underserved by building a fair and equitable platform for job market entry.

Rafka Abou Salem