What is Niya's partnerships model?

Niya’s Social Mobility Partnership Network comprises 3 different partner types - Community Partners, Training Partners and HR Partners. Find out all about our different partnerships at

How can an organisation partner with Niya?

Niya is always looking to partner with organisations who are dedicated to advancing social mobility. If you fall under any of our 3 partner categories you can sign up here to join the network. Any questions? Get in touch via the contact form here.

Will partners have their own profile on Niya's platform?

Currently we only support employer and candidate profiles. However, Niya’s Training Partners and HR Partners are featured on the member platform and Community Partners are listed as referrers at the point of candidate sign up. We are exploring the ability for all 3 partner types to have their own profiles and administration rights in the near future!

Can Community Partners see a list of their candidates on their profile?

This is a future feature which will be coming soon!