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Join Niya's Social Mobility Network to share your opportunities with underrepresented talent from thousands of different DE&I communities.
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Reach 750,000+ underrepresented people at once

Joining hundreds of top employers in providing equal opportunity to all people, regardless of socio-demographic background.

Niya's platform makes doing the right thing, the easy thing

Enabling global businesses to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive future of work with:

Bigger Scale

By aggregating community partners Niya's platform has reach to 750,000+ underrepresented people.

Greater Simplicity

Niya uses AI to automatically match underrepresented talent to opportunities based on your key requirements.

Higher ROI

Niya removes the need to juggle countless stakeholders, increasing your ROI by 35%.
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Help us to mobilise 100 million underrepresented people by 2028

Taking advantage of Niya's annual membership to transform people's lives:

Diversity Hiring Platform

Filter, engage and hire an unlimited number of candidates who match your job specs and sourcing needs

Social Mobility Partners

Access DE&I audits, EOR support, employee assessments, benefits, training & more at discounted rates

DE&I Metric Reports

Track your team’s diversity, social impact, job ad performance and more with meaningful metrics

Community Partner Network

Expand your pipeline through Niya's centralised network of NGOs, schools, bootcamps, communities and more.

Train-To-Hire Programmes

Up-skill your future tech / data talent by sponsoring a cohort of candidates through world-renowned training courses.

HR Training & Webinars

Adopt equitable hiring practices with expert guidance on how to optimise each stage of the employee journey.

Social Mobility

Connect with other HR leaders, sharing best practices and collaborating via online and in-person forum sessions.

Emergency Response Initiatives

Support and hire those impacted by war, climate and natural disasters through collaborative initiatives.

Employee Volunteering

Help your team give back to society and advance their coaching / leadership skills as mentors to our community.

Advocacy & Award Nominations

Drive sector-wide change by publicly committing to social mobility and inspiring action in the wider ecosystem

Collaborative Community Events

Engage future talent from Niya’s community in co-hosted events, workshops, hackathons and webinars.

Employer Brand & Marketing

Boost your employer brand with Niya’s spotlight blogs, PR features, and social media posts.
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In 3 simple steps

Start building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive future of work...

Share your opportunities

List your job, training and mentorship opportunities on Niya's platform.

Get matched to diverse talent

Based on key requirements including volume, skills, duration, locations etc.

Accelerate social mobility

Supporting underrepresented people referred by Niya's community partners.
Share opportunities


Spanning the world’s most underepresented


Trained across over 300 areas in technology and data


With the right to work in over 40 different countries worldwide


Actively searching for job and training

What makes Niya so unique?

Niya is the only DE&I marketplace that combines partnerships and technology so that global businesses can reach underrepresented people at scale and with ease.

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You will be connected with beneficiaries from 50+ global communities:

What our members say about us?

Our members span different sizes, industries and locations.
“Sara, our first hire from Niya’s community is from Jordan. She
joined us as a DevOps Engineer 9 months ago and has exceeded our expectations, bringing new perspective, energy and skills to our team.”
Co-Founder at Prospect Sporting Insights
"Both myself and my Co-Founder are committed to growing a diverse team; so when we came across Niya, it felt like a bit of no brainer. We found one of our first ever tech hires through their community and look forward to bringing more onboard as we scale up Toolbox."
Craig Lynch
Toolbox CEO and Co-Founder
Last week we saw 21 of Niya’s community members graduate with certificates in Data Analysis and our fourth sponsored
cohort is just kicking off to train 25 people displaced by the Russia-Ukraine war. The train-to-hire scheme has enabled us to offer underrepresented people the skills and confidence
needed to pursue a career in tech. We look forward to seeing their growth and welcoming those that join Endava thrive in their careers.
Stephanie Hinton-James
Endava Global Head of Sustainability, Giving and People Experience


For more info please visit our Help Centre
Niya Help Centre
Does signing up guarantee me a job offer?
While Niya's Social Mobility platform provides you with the best place to connect with organisations looking to hire diverse, underrepresented tech talent, we can't guarantee employment. We can guarantee access to best-in-class learning & developemnt resources, events & workshops, and a community of likeminded individuals from within Niya's community.
Why should I create a profile?
Niya's talent platform provides you with a live, up-to-date profile advertised directly to employers actively looking to hire diverse and underrepresented digital talent. You will become a member of our growing collective from underrepresented communities around the world while also gaining access to a job board, exciting workshops, on-going business training and employer networking events. ALL FREE OF CHARGE!
How do I engage with employers?
You're skillset will be matched to employers who are looking for your profile. You can apply for the open roles posted by employers through Niya's Job Board, and the employers will contact you via Niya's Talent Platform afterwards. No more applying to opportunities and not hearing back from the hiring manager!
What is Niya's partnerships model?
Niya’s Social Mobility Partnership Network comprises 3 different partner types - Community Partners, Training Partners and HR Partners. Find out all about our different partnerships at
How can an organisation partner with Niya?
Niya is always looking to partner with organisations who are dedicated to advancing social mobility. If you fall under any of our 3 partner categories you can sign up here (link the word here) to join the network. Any questions? Get in touch via the contact form here (link contact us page).
Will partners have their own profile on Niya's platform?
Currently we only support employer and candidate profiles. However, Niya’s Training Partners and HR Partners are featured on the member platform and Community Partners are listed as referrers at the point of candidate sign up. We are exploring the ability for all 3 partner types to have their own profiles and administration rights in the near future!
How does the matching of clients and candidates happen on the platform?
There are 3 ways that companies can be matched to candidates via Niya’s platform:
- Receive inbound applications through Niya’s job board
- Filter, screen and share outbound requests to candidates via Niya’s centralised talent marketplace
- See the candidate recommendations via your profile, featuring those who match your specific job criteria
What are the benefits of becoming a Niya member?
Niya enables you to make inclusion simple, to future proof your workforce and to become a social impact leader. By engaging with our global community of underrepresented people, you’ll be contributing directly to global charities and you’ll be tackling social mobility.
How does Niya differ from other Local Hiring Communities?
Niya simplifies inclusion by enabling you to collaborate with NGOs, community hiring partners, training providers, HR services and other DEI leaders through a single centralised network. We’re bringing all your stakeholders together, rather than throwing another into the mix.
How much does it cost to hire through Niya?
All companies can hire an unlimited number of candidates through Niya’s community as part of our core annual membership.
Check out our pricing page to learn more about the different membership options and our different add-ons!
Do I have to have a core membership to access the add-ons?
Yes! In order to make the most out of Niya's network and to give back the most to our community we require all members to have a core membership.
Can I pay in installments?
Yes. We offer all organisations the option to pay in a single upfront payment or across 6 monthly instalments.