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Opportunities for 100 million people

Niya was founded in 2021 with the belief that talent is everywhere, but opportunity isn’t.

We hold a team spirit like no other and are passionate about providing equal access and opportunity to all.

We share the belief that background should not be a barrier to opportunity and work hard to support the mobilisation of underrepresented people.
a picture of Niya's diverse team standing together smiling

Our incredible team

"Great things in business are rarely done by one person. They're done by a team of great people"

Niya’s team are diverse in background, skills and so much more, but we're seamlessly bound together by our shared social purpose.

Our story so far

• Q1 2021 - Niya was founded

"Talent is everywhere, opportunity isn't"
After spotting the unrealised potential of refugees around the world Niya was founded by Cam, Hugh & Holly.

• Q2 2022 - Diversity hiring platform launch

"Removing barriers to opportunity for all people"
We invited organisations to engage and hire people from all underrepresented groups via our platform.

• Q4 2022 - Social mobility network scale

"Bridging the opportunity gap"
We began partnering with charities and DE&I communities to connect their beneficiaries to opportunities at scale.

Our core values

These behaviours are ingrained into our DNA; they guide our daily decisions and sustain the success, progress and happiness of Niya’s team.

Be proud of your differences

We are the sum of our eclectic parts. We are authentic, honest and welcoming, celebrating the strength in our team’s diversity.

Just do the next right thing

We change the world one step at a time. By showing resilience, resourcefulness and teamwork we always find a way.

Build Fast and Break Stuff

We aren’t afraid of failing and we learn from our mistakes. We are collaborative, agile and playful in everything that we create.

Our origins

Situated on a branch of the Silk Road in the Taklamakan Desert lies a famous commercial hub named Niya.

Connecting China to Central Asia, the old town  welcomed travellers and traders from all corners of the globe. It became a thriving, diverse community, where cultures and ideas were exchanged as people sought refuge from their travels.

That's our vision for Niya’s Social Mobility Network...

A thriving community of people brought together with the shared goal of advancing social mobility.